Thursday, 20 October 2016

Facebook Page

Hi, I haven't been updating this blog lately, but you can catch all the latest updates on the Facebook page.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Throwing Animations with Quasi Sprite

I've been busy with work recently, but managed to still squeeze in the odd hour for my game each day. Configured the throwing animations today, big advantage over what I had as it registers whatever direction your mouse is facing and plays either the left or right animation accordingly. Quasi's brilliant plugin also allows the player to face the direction of the mouse.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Falling Animation

Today I worked on the falling animation, as well as getting animations set up with using Quasi Sprite. I've also done the pixel collisions for this new area (stolen from King's Quest) near Erana's Peace.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Demo Version 0.017. One Step Forward = Many Steps Back

As I posted earlier, I'm still converting the game to a lower res for the sake of speed and also because I'm now using a pixel movement plugin, which means I no longer need so many tiles in my maps for player movement accuracy. In this demo you can just do a few things, but it shows you the new system. Mouse movement is currently disabled as it's not functioning correctly, but keyboard works well.

-Change cursor with RMB button, look at trees for random funny messages and to gain Intelligence.
Goblin also has invisible bounding box  picture so you can click the eye in his general area to look at him

-Fight the Goblin. Here are the buttons
Right/D = Swing Sword (it will only hurt Goblin if he is not blocking i.e. stunned or just before he attacks)
Down/S = Block (successful blocks will stun the Goblin)
E= Punch (This drains player HP and SP and stuns Goblin even if blocking, but does no damage)

The Goblin has

-Look at the pretty new stats menu design (A slice of QFG1 and 3) and see your intelligence and strength going up.

-Enjoy the accurate collision detection in the scenes where it has been completed.

-Explore the new mountain pass to the right of Erana's Peace (the first scene shows off the collision detection quite well, sorry the bridge is invisible try to find it to cross the gap)

-Distance from camera slows down and shrinks the player (3D depths).

-If you walk a couple of scenes away from starting position things will get strange.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Progress Log

 I'll release another demo once there is more to do, at present the whole game is being changed so only a few disjoined maps to explore.

-Created pixel collision map for 'Paladin Initiation' (down from Erana's Peace)
-Improved smart path finding. Mouse clicking to areas is very clever with Quasi's plugins. It can navigate a simple maze for you. However it doesn't yet work with diagonal movement, so it looks ugly. Use WASD or directionals for a more pretty experience.
-Added generic player distance scaling for all maps. I will change individual maps to make them more realistic later.
-Converted the original SCI Font.300 to the game using Victor Engine's Sfont Plugin. Finally I have the non-blurry, clear and pixelated QFG text as I wanted!
-Using a picture click plugin by Triancontane you can now click on some trees for a series of pithy random dialogues.
-Using same plugin made an invisible bounding box picture which follow goblin so you can look at him.
-Converting game to 960x576 so no more black bar at top. Backdrops are just slightly stretched upwards but it's the best of both worlds for speed and the look I wanted.
-Using Bindpicturestomap plugin to replace parallaxes with clear nearest neighbor scaling. The game is now entirely non-blurry and looks fantastic in all it's pixel glory.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Fight System Improvements Demo

-Can now block to stun or attack blocking enemy to get stunned.
-Stunned state is basically the only time you can hit the goblin.
-In this demo you can set up the fight to try different variables.
-Still some bugs like the Goblin occasionally stopping.

Just like in the original game, if you attack repeatedly while the enemy is blocking you will likely die from exhaustion.

I have slightly fixed the blur in full screen mode, but still haven't been able to achieve the pixelated look I'm going for. 


Monday, 2 May 2016

Converting the game to a lower resolution

Updates may be slow for a while as I'm converting the game to a lower resolution and the correct aspect ratio.

It is running much smoother now, although the player has less complexity of movement due to using smaller maps, until I can get a pixel movement plugin working with my other plugins.

The battle looks a lot better now, with almost 60fps consistently. It was almost unplayable at times with the original resolution I was using (as you can see in the demo).

Given the original game is 320 x 200 it doesn't actually need a high resolution, except that RPG MAKER MV has a limitation of only using 48x48 tiles. But I'm working on a solution.

Another problem is the editor uses bi-linear filtering when you go to full screen which I think looks ugly, I'm working on getting it to use nearest neighbor scaling.

The converted maps are running very smoothly as my new resolution is similar to the original RPG Maker one, which it can handle very well.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Demo Version 0.222

Now you can explore all of Spielburg, talk to the Sheriff and fight a Goblin in the Goblin Camp.

Friday, 29 April 2016

More authentic looking battle system

New battle system using the field map, lots of animated pictures and the orangehud plugin for the variable based gauges.

Monday, 25 April 2016

First Real Way to Die

-Falling on Baba Yaga's spikes from the new cliff.

also check out the YouTube channel:

Demo 0.014 Now Available
-Connected many maps up, can now walk from town to Erana's peace
-New Pre-Valley scenes
-New hillside path leading to the rocks above Baba Yaga
-First real way to die. Can fall from said path onto the spiky fence below.
-Added falling and impaled animations
-Added my 'Derp' remix of 'Enry's Theme.
-Push 'k' to jump to random maps (total 60 but only 30 playable)
-Added some new maps, spiderweb, snowy trees
-Added Zauberberg Mountain and nice scrolling scene
-Added some animations for the door and Gargoyle

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Before the Spielburg Valley view....

Do you know which game I got the foreground from? :)

Here's one in game.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Version 0.011 Demo to see some things near Erana's Peace

-Changed Erana's Peace music to original
-Added Cobolt Cave music
-Extended Cobolt cave walkable area and walk-behinds
-Added lighting effects to cave
-Added Extra area in Cobolt Cave (From Conquest of the Longbow)
-Go down, left, then left up the hill for a new hilltop scene (Also from Conquest)
-Added forest sound fx and nighttime sounds (not accessible)
-One Goblin fight almost works....

Monday, 18 April 2016

Windows Version 0.010

-New stuff and new bugs
 -Can go to Erana's peace with 't' then selecting it on the map
-Walk down and then left to try the prototype goblin fight. (more like just a couple of animations)
-Stone Slab and fruit in Erana's peace
-Push 'i' to open consumable items menu and eat fruit to for full recovery
-New Battle animations and new sideview design using QFG4 backdrop (it actually fits quite well with the mountains and trees)
-Added some glistening effects to the fruit
-Improvements to falling animation

Monday, 11 April 2016

RPG Maker Battle System

After spending a couple of frustrating days trying to make my own battle system I have gone back to just using the RPG Maker one.

Although it's more difficult to get it looking just like the original, It's highly customizable and very powerful with some plugins for creating a much more advanced battle system than the original. Using this system it's a lot easier to have multiple enemies at once and characters to help the hero, as well as things like status attacks, elemental attacks and incorporating the sorts things Final Fantasy games have. I'll probably go for turn based battles so the player can think about their move strategically. Stats such as max stamina, weapon use and strength etc will still increase in real time with actions, but I may also include an experience (or Glory) system on top of that.

Problems with the battle system were what hampered my project years ago when I was using Adventure Game Studio, now that I know I can make a point and click adventure with RPG Maker and it can have a working and fun battle system I think this project is finally finishable.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Too QFG 4 1/2....

Sneaking up of Zara

Quest For Glory 3 Croc Sprite Sheet for RPG Maker MV

I finished converting this today for my 'Magic Fight' mini game. It's 5 frames so you will need this plugin to make it work:
Quest For Glory 3 Croc Character Sprite Sheet Walking Graphics for RPG Maker MV
Erana's spell is wearing off, Spielburg is becoming more dangerous.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Progress Log

-Enemy and Player can now move around the battlefield, still working on getting hits connecting properly.
-Added player dodging sprites
-Now using Mog's Event Sensor plugin to hit goblin with sword from 4 tiles away.
-Made map for the Magic Maze
-Started working on Magic Strategy War, a Shining Force-like mini-game you can play with Erasmus featuring all the monsters from the game in a turn based fight.
RPG Maker really lends itself to these square tile based games, making this feels very organic
-Created two original forest maps with a nice tree and wild chickens.
-More map organization
-Changed fast travel to top of the valley view
-Can click on places previously traveled to go there.
-Now using YEP's Event Mini Label plugin to show place names on the map.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Extension Plans

No modifications to the game today, just playing the original game, reading wikia and thinking of ideas for extention.
 Here's what I have so far (I will include this progressive file with the game from now on).
I welcome any ideas you have, I've already had some great suggestions on the Quest For More Glory Facebook page.

Adventurer's Shop

-Make all the items on displays purchasable
-Get Ogre Shield for giving to the Ogre (maybe have him knocked out rather than killable).
-Break into shop and steal at night
-Enter backroom with more sweet interesting stuff
-Make his book 'Quest For Glory: A Hero's Death' purchasable and readable.
-Whem you die this book will add your death ways to it. Try to complete the books with all the ways to die.
-If you meet Erana in Erana's peace she can then resusitate you from death, but it needs to cost something, this is how you fill the book in.
-Can use mouth on self for introductions QFG3 style.
-When you ask Kaspar about Brigands he says he doesn't like to talk about people behind their backs which implies
he is in cahoots with the brigands or afraid of even speaking about them.
-Maybe Bruno can be his regular customer (dodgy dealings), he is rich it says.
-Kaspar always wanted to be an adventurer, maybe the hero can take him on one.
-This game should have a path of darkness and one of light. With darkness you should be able to kill the whole
village and break the peace spell over it. With light you should be able to win the brigands back to good works. Choices are good.


-Convince Hilda's dad to let you take her on a date, or just wait a year as she said.
-Spell to change Hilda into a human with her consent (for the sake of a practical relationship)
-Buy the other vegetables she mentions as crafting ingredients, plant them in your own farm (purchasable from Heinrich to grow more and more.)
-Have a night guard patroling this area, sneak past him.
-Give Hilda flowers
-Give hilda healer's ring, fails healer quest but wins favour with her "What a beautiful ring, thank you'

Outside Pub

-Find the butcher and the baker who have gone fishing at the lake (and a candlestick maker??)
- Smash the pots RPG style to get some coins 'why are there coins in here?' say the hero
-Use the worshop to craft new weapons, get the key from the fishing craftsman

Beggar Alley

-Stealing from a beggar is not a heroic action but in this game you can be infamous.
-Achievement for giving to beggar
-Achievement 'Make a Beggar Rich' Give a lot of money to the beggar.
-Gain honor from giving to beggar.
-Can reinstate the Spielburg Cider Festival that Sam mentions
-Cut scene filling in the story. The king sending his guards to Baba Yaga (or could include once in a dialogue)

Extras to Include Somewhere
-Erasmus and Baba Yaga playing cards and cheating each other
-Baba Yaga is jealous of beauty, she could capture Hilde and Hero rescue her.
-Eventually could make this game into the complete quest for glory experinence with all 5 games (even VGA demake of 5)
-Honor Stat and ability to become paladin.
-Sam mentions the town glows at night due to the spell, this is why the town pallete seems quite light maybe
-Night Gaunts should be fightable, they wake you from your sleep and are very hard.
-Saurus's need to give something, like a skin at least

Healer's Hut Inside

-Ask for forgiveness for theft if you have enough speech stat.
-Tame the Pterry and help it grow to a full size one as seen in the South.
-Can use the 'don't kiss me' animations for wading thru something elsewhere

Healer's Outside

-Can hit the castle with high enough throwing. Get distant complain from guard and achievement.
Achievements can be cashed in for some unique prizes the Adventurer's guild.

Zara's Shop

-Date with Zara
-Get familiar summon spell
-Zara is half-human half-fairy, therefore it would make sense to have a quest involving her and the fairies.
Maybe the fairies don't accept her as their own and you can help Zara. (Although I read she is meant to be an emmisary to the fairies, could make this later).
-Zara needs some more backstory about her weird human/fairy parents.

Guild Hall

-Need some good German voice acting for Wolfgang

Outside Town

-Bruno's background image is missing in the original, I fixed that
-Bruno jokes that the theives guild is under one of the graves in the graveyard, cool if you could make a
kind of Oblivion Dark Brotherhood there (and vampires of course)

-Needs 'What does the Fox say?' reference.
-Needs explaination as to why Fox magically disapears when attacked, is is a spell of Erana to test your honor?
-Seems like Erana is a sort of God-like being in this game, she could decide which actions are honorable and reward them.
-Fox should come back to help you later (seems that they didn't really finish this part).


-Needs to be fightable but not killable. He should respect you afterwards and give you something else.
-He even offers you the alternative of bartering with blades clash
-He talks of mead, could offer this to him and drink it with him.
-Mead drinking contest (need a lot of strength)
-Get mead from Centaur
-Go thru Brauggi's cave back to his Southern homeland

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Version 0.009 Now Available

-Testing this as a web version. It should run on any browser so will work on Mac, Windows or Linux, but I suspect it has some performance issues.
-Added Ogre Cave scene
-Added a couple of maps down and left of Erana's Peace.
-Forest curve scene has new walkable hillside with tree overlaps.
-Added 'e' hotkey for drinking potions
-Improved word wrap on stats menu
-Added 'u' hotkey for help menu

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Extended Forest

As a child I always really wanted to climb this hill.
Now I can...

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Demo Version 0.008 Now Available
-Added Erana's Peace as a fast travel-able area ('t' to fast travel)
-Changed starting time back to daytime.
-Added 2 Picture layer maps and region events to Erana's Peace so the
background reacts to the players position appropriately.
-Improved Bruno's Dialogue and Talking Animation.
-Removed Annoying Clapping Sound for notifications
-Changed Stats menu background to credits picture (it looks quite good)
-Added Fast Travel Valley View Map (looks awesome)
-Added some area notfications
-Organized Maps Better in the editor and with handy key for myself
-Made proper list of events, trigger and other data I need for a good work flow
-Planned and
Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace
Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace
 This is the hardest map to do so far as it requires 3 pictures on top of the parallax to change position dynamically as the player walks around. Using the Region Events and BindPicturesToMap plugins.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Demo 0.007 "Very Small Version" Now Available

Download (107MB):

-Stripped most of the RPG Maker resources out of the project, bringing the download size down to 107MB, easy for anyone to have a try now
-Set starting time to 5am so you can see some night to day transitions.
-Fast travel now takes time. ('t' for fast travel)
-Removed RPG Maker default animations
-Attacking Goblin now drains stamina (push directional right to attack)
-Running out of stamina in battle now results in game over.
-Stamina levels up now
-Added Bruno taking picture animation.('m' to select mouth)
-Athletics and reflections stat notifications.
-Made jump more realistic (push 'j')
-Changed background picture for stats screen (push 'y' for stats)
-Added new stats to stats screen

Friday, 18 March 2016

Demo 0.006 'Better Message Boxes' Now Available

Basically just improved message boxes.

-Integrating YEP.2 Message Core system
- Word wrap and original font color
-Set all message boxes as centered half screen bottom boxes to retain original flavor without blocking too much graphics.
-Added and fixed some dialogue.
-Goblin tries to attack you now (glitchy) 

Thing to try:
-Look at the thief Bruno.
-Use eye, hand or MOUTH on bird (mouth is my original dialogue).

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition RPG Maker MV Message Boxes

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition RPG Maker MV Message Boxes

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Demo 0.005 Now Available

 Mac (still uploading)

- Removed out of place bird
- Removed ghost follower
- Created new sword swing animations so that the hero's left foot stays still as in the original game.
- Slowed down running speed.
-Created new basic battle system using entirely the map editor

I will use the map rather than the battle editor as it seems to give more freedom, you can see from this demo just how possible this is.
-Added goblin in the forest to the left of the Centaur
- Working Hero HP bar and Enemy HP bar
- Push keyboard right to do the sword swing attack in real time and kill the enemy
 (he can't attack back yet)
-Added memorize position to return to the map you were one after the fight.
-Seem to have occasional hero fighting character loading bug.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Progress Log

Working on battle system, it seems like using the map rather than the engines battle system will actually give me more freedom.

Trying to figure out better how QFG1 sprites work. I made a sword swing animation but his feet are jumping around so need to remake with one foot staying in place.

0.004 Now Available

- Clock has been changed temporarily as it's conflicting with the custom message box
- Message box bug fixes (still lots)
-Ghostly Hero follower added (I may use him in the game), this also shows the potential for followers.
- Turn the clock on and off with 'c'
-'w' brings up rest menu, you can rest for 1 hour
-At 9pm the town gate will close and open at 6am.
-Animated Bruno has arrived but he is non interactive

Bruno Original VS EE

Sunday, 13 March 2016

0.003 Now Available

-Added some maps (not accessible yet)
-Started work on the font and message system (buggy right now)
-Changed some maps to 'nearest neighbor' stretching rather than 'best quality'. I think it's better if this game is clear pixels rather than blurry filter. Will fix all the maps soon.
-Time system is being adapted to the new message system and is now not as it should be.
-Fixed notification bug in Centaur farm.

Changes to plan:
I'm considering not having monsters follow you from screen to screen as:
1) It's very hard to do
2) My plan is to replace the generic forest with unique screens. Things like a squirrel with a cute quest, or a spiderweb with a special fight. I'm not a big fan of random monsters and I like a sense of permanence and completion in games, so I want to make it so there are a lot of monsters (like hundreds) but there is a limit to them, so that you can actually kill all the monsters in an area and make the valley completely safe if you want. I think each monster can hang out in their respective areas, I just need to make enough ways that the hero can interact with that monster within that space, such as objects to hide behind or block the monsters path while the hero pelts the monster with rocks.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Trying to Recreate the Message box and Font

Fail...As you can see I haven't got it perfect yet. And it's not working with Mog's Time System Hud.

Using the following plugins:

Zerbu_Outline (to remove the default text outline):!AI-bIVftZvEmos8&v=TextFileEditor&id=18F586082025EE2F!479&cid=18F586082025EE2F&parId=18F586082025EE2F!478

 Galv's Message Background (To enable a custom message background)

Using SV.exe I found the message boxes are split up into many files, this was because they can expand to fit the text, I'm not sure how to do that yet, so I just print screened and edited a four line one using dosbox and

The Sierra font is a recreation by Goatmeal, who made the font in Quest For Infamy, he kindly made this available online:

It also changes the text on the notifications system which is cool.

Version 0.002 Demo Now Avalailable

Do you like my overly conservative numbering system? This update is very minor. Fixed a bug and changed the game title back to the original QFG1 EE. (Quest For Glory 1: Extended Edition)
Will keep the dropbox file names the same from now on to avoid people getting bad download links.

Here is a couple of screenshots showing the plugins I'm using to make this, some people were surprised that a point and click adventure game is possible and might want to download the same plugins.