Thursday, 24 March 2016

Demo 0.007 "Very Small Version" Now Available

Download (107MB):

-Stripped most of the RPG Maker resources out of the project, bringing the download size down to 107MB, easy for anyone to have a try now
-Set starting time to 5am so you can see some night to day transitions.
-Fast travel now takes time. ('t' for fast travel)
-Removed RPG Maker default animations
-Attacking Goblin now drains stamina (push directional right to attack)
-Running out of stamina in battle now results in game over.
-Stamina levels up now
-Added Bruno taking picture animation.('m' to select mouth)
-Athletics and reflections stat notifications.
-Made jump more realistic (push 'j')
-Changed background picture for stats screen (push 'y' for stats)
-Added new stats to stats screen

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