Saturday, 5 March 2016

Basic Stats Screen

Started with the jumping ability and the basic stats screen. Debating which stats to include as I need to decide early so as not to rewrite everything. Also thinking about whether to include RPG Maker graphics. I think everyone knows I'm making this with RPG Maker and it's hard to change everything to look like the original. May this should be a mashup? I think this stat message could look quite cool.
 I think you can see the problem here with using RMV sprites. They look VERY cartoony compared to the real life painting style of QFG. If I did this the game would certainly not feel like the original, but maybe if I did it tastefully it could take on a character of it's own?

Moderation is the key, the advantage of doing this is that I then have the very practical RPGish sprites to add to my game, and I can easily use them as events, or I could just hunt thru all the old Sierra games for my map objects. Undecided.

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