Sunday, 22 May 2016

Demo Version 0.017. One Step Forward = Many Steps Back

As I posted earlier, I'm still converting the game to a lower res for the sake of speed and also because I'm now using a pixel movement plugin, which means I no longer need so many tiles in my maps for player movement accuracy. In this demo you can just do a few things, but it shows you the new system. Mouse movement is currently disabled as it's not functioning correctly, but keyboard works well.

-Change cursor with RMB button, look at trees for random funny messages and to gain Intelligence.
Goblin also has invisible bounding box  picture so you can click the eye in his general area to look at him

-Fight the Goblin. Here are the buttons
Right/D = Swing Sword (it will only hurt Goblin if he is not blocking i.e. stunned or just before he attacks)
Down/S = Block (successful blocks will stun the Goblin)
E= Punch (This drains player HP and SP and stuns Goblin even if blocking, but does no damage)

The Goblin has

-Look at the pretty new stats menu design (A slice of QFG1 and 3) and see your intelligence and strength going up.

-Enjoy the accurate collision detection in the scenes where it has been completed.

-Explore the new mountain pass to the right of Erana's Peace (the first scene shows off the collision detection quite well, sorry the bridge is invisible try to find it to cross the gap)

-Distance from camera slows down and shrinks the player (3D depths).

-If you walk a couple of scenes away from starting position things will get strange.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Progress Log

 I'll release another demo once there is more to do, at present the whole game is being changed so only a few disjoined maps to explore.

-Created pixel collision map for 'Paladin Initiation' (down from Erana's Peace)
-Improved smart path finding. Mouse clicking to areas is very clever with Quasi's plugins. It can navigate a simple maze for you. However it doesn't yet work with diagonal movement, so it looks ugly. Use WASD or directionals for a more pretty experience.
-Added generic player distance scaling for all maps. I will change individual maps to make them more realistic later.
-Converted the original SCI Font.300 to the game using Victor Engine's Sfont Plugin. Finally I have the non-blurry, clear and pixelated QFG text as I wanted!
-Using a picture click plugin by Triancontane you can now click on some trees for a series of pithy random dialogues.
-Using same plugin made an invisible bounding box picture which follow goblin so you can look at him.
-Converting game to 960x576 so no more black bar at top. Backdrops are just slightly stretched upwards but it's the best of both worlds for speed and the look I wanted.
-Using Bindpicturestomap plugin to replace parallaxes with clear nearest neighbor scaling. The game is now entirely non-blurry and looks fantastic in all it's pixel glory.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Fight System Improvements Demo

-Can now block to stun or attack blocking enemy to get stunned.
-Stunned state is basically the only time you can hit the goblin.
-In this demo you can set up the fight to try different variables.
-Still some bugs like the Goblin occasionally stopping.

Just like in the original game, if you attack repeatedly while the enemy is blocking you will likely die from exhaustion.

I have slightly fixed the blur in full screen mode, but still haven't been able to achieve the pixelated look I'm going for. 


Monday, 2 May 2016

Converting the game to a lower resolution

Updates may be slow for a while as I'm converting the game to a lower resolution and the correct aspect ratio.

It is running much smoother now, although the player has less complexity of movement due to using smaller maps, until I can get a pixel movement plugin working with my other plugins.

The battle looks a lot better now, with almost 60fps consistently. It was almost unplayable at times with the original resolution I was using (as you can see in the demo).

Given the original game is 320 x 200 it doesn't actually need a high resolution, except that RPG MAKER MV has a limitation of only using 48x48 tiles. But I'm working on a solution.

Another problem is the editor uses bi-linear filtering when you go to full screen which I think looks ugly, I'm working on getting it to use nearest neighbor scaling.

The converted maps are running very smoothly as my new resolution is similar to the original RPG Maker one, which it can handle very well.