Sunday, 15 May 2016

Progress Log

 I'll release another demo once there is more to do, at present the whole game is being changed so only a few disjoined maps to explore.

-Created pixel collision map for 'Paladin Initiation' (down from Erana's Peace)
-Improved smart path finding. Mouse clicking to areas is very clever with Quasi's plugins. It can navigate a simple maze for you. However it doesn't yet work with diagonal movement, so it looks ugly. Use WASD or directionals for a more pretty experience.
-Added generic player distance scaling for all maps. I will change individual maps to make them more realistic later.
-Converted the original SCI Font.300 to the game using Victor Engine's Sfont Plugin. Finally I have the non-blurry, clear and pixelated QFG text as I wanted!
-Using a picture click plugin by Triancontane you can now click on some trees for a series of pithy random dialogues.
-Using same plugin made an invisible bounding box picture which follow goblin so you can look at him.
-Converting game to 960x576 so no more black bar at top. Backdrops are just slightly stretched upwards but it's the best of both worlds for speed and the look I wanted.
-Using Bindpicturestomap plugin to replace parallaxes with clear nearest neighbor scaling. The game is now entirely non-blurry and looks fantastic in all it's pixel glory.

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