Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Version 0.009 Now Available


-Testing this as a web version. It should run on any browser so will work on Mac, Windows or Linux, but I suspect it has some performance issues.
-Added Ogre Cave scene
-Added a couple of maps down and left of Erana's Peace.
-Forest curve scene has new walkable hillside with tree overlaps.
-Added 'e' hotkey for drinking potions
-Improved word wrap on stats menu
-Added 'u' hotkey for help menu

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Extended Forest

As a child I always really wanted to climb this hill.
Now I can...

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Forest

Demo Version 0.008 Now Available

-Added Erana's Peace as a fast travel-able area ('t' to fast travel)
-Changed starting time back to daytime.
-Added 2 Picture layer maps and region events to Erana's Peace so the
background reacts to the players position appropriately.
-Improved Bruno's Dialogue and Talking Animation.
-Removed Annoying Clapping Sound for notifications
-Changed Stats menu background to credits picture (it looks quite good)
-Added Fast Travel Valley View Map (looks awesome)
-Added some area notfications
-Organized Maps Better in the editor and with handy key for myself
-Made proper list of events, trigger and other data I need for a good work flow
-Planned and
Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace
Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition Erana's Peace
 This is the hardest map to do so far as it requires 3 pictures on top of the parallax to change position dynamically as the player walks around. Using the Region Events and BindPicturesToMap plugins.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Demo 0.007 "Very Small Version" Now Available

Download (107MB):


-Stripped most of the RPG Maker resources out of the project, bringing the download size down to 107MB, easy for anyone to have a try now
-Set starting time to 5am so you can see some night to day transitions.
-Fast travel now takes time. ('t' for fast travel)
-Removed RPG Maker default animations
-Attacking Goblin now drains stamina (push directional right to attack)
-Running out of stamina in battle now results in game over.
-Stamina levels up now
-Added Bruno taking picture animation.('m' to select mouth)
-Athletics and reflections stat notifications.
-Made jump more realistic (push 'j')
-Changed background picture for stats screen (push 'y' for stats)
-Added new stats to stats screen

Friday, 18 March 2016

Demo 0.006 'Better Message Boxes' Now Available


Basically just improved message boxes.

-Integrating YEP.2 Message Core system
- Word wrap and original font color
-Set all message boxes as centered half screen bottom boxes to retain original flavor without blocking too much graphics.
-Added and fixed some dialogue.
-Goblin tries to attack you now (glitchy) 

Thing to try:
-Look at the thief Bruno.
-Use eye, hand or MOUTH on bird (mouth is my original dialogue).

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition RPG Maker MV Message Boxes

Quest For Glory 1 Extended Edition RPG Maker MV Message Boxes

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Demo 0.005 Now Available

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54516634/QFG1%20EE%20MAC.zip (still uploading)

- Removed out of place bird
- Removed ghost follower
- Created new sword swing animations so that the hero's left foot stays still as in the original game.
- Slowed down running speed.
-Created new basic battle system using entirely the map editor

I will use the map rather than the battle editor as it seems to give more freedom, you can see from this demo just how possible this is.
-Added goblin in the forest to the left of the Centaur
- Working Hero HP bar and Enemy HP bar
- Push keyboard right to do the sword swing attack in real time and kill the enemy
 (he can't attack back yet)
-Added memorize position to return to the map you were one after the fight.
-Seem to have occasional hero fighting character loading bug.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Progress Log

Working on battle system, it seems like using the map rather than the engines battle system will actually give me more freedom.

Trying to figure out better how QFG1 sprites work. I made a sword swing animation but his feet are jumping around so need to remake with one foot staying in place.

0.004 Now Available


- Clock has been changed temporarily as it's conflicting with the custom message box
- Message box bug fixes (still lots)
-Ghostly Hero follower added (I may use him in the game), this also shows the potential for followers.
- Turn the clock on and off with 'c'
-'w' brings up rest menu, you can rest for 1 hour
-At 9pm the town gate will close and open at 6am.
-Animated Bruno has arrived but he is non interactive

Bruno Original VS EE

Sunday, 13 March 2016

0.003 Now Available


-Added some maps (not accessible yet)
-Started work on the font and message system (buggy right now)
-Changed some maps to 'nearest neighbor' stretching rather than 'best quality'. I think it's better if this game is clear pixels rather than blurry filter. Will fix all the maps soon.
-Time system is being adapted to the new message system and is now not as it should be.
-Fixed notification bug in Centaur farm.

Changes to plan:
I'm considering not having monsters follow you from screen to screen as:
1) It's very hard to do
2) My plan is to replace the generic forest with unique screens. Things like a squirrel with a cute quest, or a spiderweb with a special fight. I'm not a big fan of random monsters and I like a sense of permanence and completion in games, so I want to make it so there are a lot of monsters (like hundreds) but there is a limit to them, so that you can actually kill all the monsters in an area and make the valley completely safe if you want. I think each monster can hang out in their respective areas, I just need to make enough ways that the hero can interact with that monster within that space, such as objects to hide behind or block the monsters path while the hero pelts the monster with rocks.

Saturday, 12 March 2016


Trying to Recreate the Message box and Font

Fail...As you can see I haven't got it perfect yet. And it's not working with Mog's Time System Hud.

Using the following plugins:

Zerbu_Outline (to remove the default text outline):

 Galv's Message Background (To enable a custom message background)

Using SV.exe I found the message boxes are split up into many files, this was because they can expand to fit the text, I'm not sure how to do that yet, so I just print screened and edited a four line one using dosbox and paint.net.

The Sierra font is a recreation by Goatmeal, who made the font in Quest For Infamy, he kindly made this available online:


It also changes the text on the notifications system which is cool.

Version 0.002 Demo Now Avalailable


Do you like my overly conservative numbering system? This update is very minor. Fixed a bug and changed the game title back to the original QFG1 EE. (Quest For Glory 1: Extended Edition)
Will keep the dropbox file names the same from now on to avoid people getting bad download links.

Here is a couple of screenshots showing the plugins I'm using to make this, some people were surprised that a point and click adventure game is possible and might want to download the same plugins.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Smaller File Size Demo Now Available (211mb)


I just stripped out the RPG Maker content which I am now sure I will not use. There is a wealth of Sierra graphics I can draw on which will artistically match this project better.

Buttons for the demo
Mouse control for pointing and moving
Directional arrows for walking
Hold Shift to run
Space to pick up rocks (on most surfaces)

Keyboard comands:
r (for run) = Run cursor
t  (for travel) = Fast travel to previously visited locations
y (for you) = Stats screen
p (for pebbles) = Rocks cursor
s (for sneak) = Sneak cursor
h (for hand) = Hand cursor
j (for jump) = Jump
l (for look) = Eye cursor

Work Work Work

I did a lot of work today on event frames, on the stats system for jumping, improving throwing rocks and fixing bugs with time system.

I also set up the chirpy bird and he is fully targetable by rocks.
Also debated using non filered backgrounds, starting to think it would look a lot better, plus I'm noticing small lines between my paralaxes and overtop pictures which is ugly.

Also fixed a bug with hero standing in an odd place and with bird appearing behind the tree.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Evil Devon the BirdSlayer

I have found a plugin for event frames! Now I can make events with their proper animations, and it works with Galv's playable character frames plugin. This is great news indeed.

Here is the great plugin:
[MV] Extra Movement Frames 1.0.3 by Modern Algebra

I may still need a plugin for events to move diagonally. Such as this one:
Which seems to have a patch made for it to work with Modern Algebra's one.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

So Dark

If I tint the screen and use the best nighttime background from QFG1 I get this.

Which would be an unusually dark and scary night methinks. Back to the drawing board. I've also noticed something weird about the original game. The sky is still slightly blue all night long. I looked at some of the palettes in the game database and they have ones with properly black sky, but for some reason they chose to use to use the blueish ones.

This is almost sunset in the original game:
And this is the middle of the night:
Sky still seems rather blue doesn't it?

Monday, 7 March 2016

Latest Demo


-Goblin has gone away for renovation
-New Title screen and music (you need to quit out to see it)
-A few more screens to explore
- Time and lighting system
-Basic Fast Travel System
-Can push keyboard keys to change cursor
-Status Bar

 Keyboard Commands
r = Run/Walk Cursor
t = Fast Travel
y= View Stats
s = Sneak Cursor
h= Hand Icon
l= Eye Cursor
j= Jump

The project is coming along nicely, it's amazing to think I actually may be able to complete this game thanks to all the hardworking plugin makers out there. I will be definitely giving out full credit if the game ever becomes popular.

Fast Travel System

I now have a working fast travel system where players can quickly return to areas they've been before.
Uses Himeworks 'Hidden Choice Conditions' plugin

Saturday, 5 March 2016

New Title Screen

I made a new title screen using an amazing rare piece of artwork which I guess was used for original game promotion, shared on the Hero U website. Lori Ann Cole points out that it's just artistic and not technically correct as you couldn't see Mirror Lake from this point of the hill.

Basic Stats Screen

Started with the jumping ability and the basic stats screen. Debating which stats to include as I need to decide early so as not to rewrite everything. Also thinking about whether to include RPG Maker graphics. I think everyone knows I'm making this with RPG Maker and it's hard to change everything to look like the original. May this should be a mashup? I think this stat message could look quite cool.
 I think you can see the problem here with using RMV sprites. They look VERY cartoony compared to the real life painting style of QFG. If I did this the game would certainly not feel like the original, but maybe if I did it tastefully it could take on a character of it's own?

Moderation is the key, the advantage of doing this is that I then have the very practical RPGish sprites to add to my game, and I can easily use them as events, or I could just hunt thru all the old Sierra games for my map objects. Undecided.

Cutting Down the Project Size

Today I cut a lot of unused maps, mostly ones from the original game I was making which I hoped to incorporate as a sub game, but I realized this would be a lot of mess without benefit, now I have my maps neatly arranged for a good work flow, and one more map screen.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Sneaking Through the Rainforest

Quest For Glory: Extended "Sneaking Through the Rain Forest"
I've been working on the rain and it's looking quite good, you can't see the cursor with this screenshot but I have a good system for changing between cursor icons, running and sneaking. You just push keyboard buttons, I think this is faster than the original.What do you think about the graphics? I am filtering the backgrounds but not the player as if I filter him I will get black lines around, but I actually really like the effect of only characters being sharp and clear pixels.

I'm still working on reducing the file size of the demo, I wouldn't recommend downloading the current one unless you are really interested. New much improved one on the way soon. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Character Scaling

Found an amazing plugin that lets me scale the player or events by percentage. I think this may well be one of the last things from AGS that I didn't have. So happy about not needing to make custom images every time a character moves into the distance. 

Sneaking Sprites

Quest For Glory I Sneaking Sprites for RPG Maker MV
I have finished the sneaking sprites that work with Galv's three character plugins. Currently I'm trying the find a way to scale the character when he walks further from the camera, I was just replacing the sprites with smaller ones but this is cumbersome and looks amateurish. I certainly miss this feature from AGS as character scaling was built into the map editor, however I when I see the wealth of amazing plugins coming out for RMV every day I am glad I made the decision to switch.