Monday, 29 February 2016

Progress Update

This morning was spent on trying to make the enemies HP and damaged status remain the same in and out of fights. In the original you could take down a monster by using a combination of close combat and projectiles on the map screen. I'm finding some parts of RMV's core system are rather illogical. Such as you can only decrease or increase enemy HP by a variable, but can't just make it equal to one. The same is true for others setting player's item counts. This silly limitation means I have to make a mathematical formula workaround every time....and I hate maths....
While I'm mentioning the illogicalities of RMV I might add the enemies have no HP bar at all, how you could make an entire battle system while leaving out the ability for the player to know how much HP an enemy has is beyond me.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Progress Log

Yesterday I was thinking about whether to include these scenes as walk-able areas.

The problem is the original game didn't include these scenes (except for one as the title), because there was an avalanche preventing the player from exiting Spielburg Valley. It was a great shame the 'Valley View' picture was never featured in the original game (although it's in the game's resources).

In the fan made Quest For Glory 4 1/2 the player could walk up through a snowy path to escape the valley. You went this way...

The were then a bunch of snowy scenes to explore which the game maker made from splicing together different Sierra scenes, I thought this was extremely cool and incorporated it into my original AGS version.

I also played around with using some tutorials and came up with this OKish post-avalanche version of the Valley View scene.

Spielburg Valley After Avalanche

But I'm not quite happy with it, I need more photo editing skills, perhaps I should move to using actual Photo Shop as well.

Today I spent a few hours trying to set up the Running, Looking, Hand and Mouth icons and make them work with my goblin, using the Mouse System EX plugin.

One of my expansion ideas is to give Intelligence points for every time the look at something of interest, and Speech points for trying to talk to people or even monsters. If the player has enough, they can even talk a goblin into being friends with them.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Progress Log

Today I tested the throwing animations and created some new maps, namely the Centaur farmer's area and one of the forest scenes after that. I was thinking today of how easy it would be to expand the world so that the player can explore every area from all the Quest For Glory games, although I may have some problems with QFG2 as there is only the EGA original (with the very basic original graphics) and the VGA remake that was made by fans not too long ago. If I wanted to use graphics from this I would need their permission and they may feel it detracts from their project. Maybe I can just make the entrance to the area with a sign advertising their game, that would be funny. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Notifications system and HP HUD

Lecode's Notifications System
Moghunter's Actor HUD
Download Quest For Glory I: Extended Edition (RPG MAKER MV) first demo.

You can walk around two scenes and fight a goblin. You can also pick up rocks and throw them at him to reduce his health before the battle and level up your max HP and Strength (from the exercise and carrying rocks), make sure to check out the stats menu as well.
I'm having an issue with character images loading too slowly the first time they are used, this is why the character may flash a little at times.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Quest For Glory 1 Hero Character Sprite Sheet for RPG Maker MV

Here is the sprite sheet in case you want to use it in your game. You will need to use the following plugins to make it work:

Quest For Glory 1 Hero Character Sprite Sheet for RPG Maker MV

Using the amazing HUD plugin by Biud436.
I'm super excited about this because in the original game you could get hit on the map screen and not know it, or run out of MP and not be aware of it. There is just so much potential for this.
 Download it here:

Thursday, 18 February 2016

"Super" Quest For Glory 1 - RPG Maker MV

Check out this new video just showing the potential for this project using RPG Maker MV.

Extra Character Frames:
Character Animations:
Diagonal Movement:
Regional Restrictions:
Custom Resolution:
Using this to set custom resolution to 1920 x 1056 in order to fit QFG backdrops to 40 x 22 maps.
Bind Pictures to Map:
(for the overlay image so the player can walk behind objects)
SV Viewer:
(For ripping the sprites from old Sierra games)

I'm back

I have started converting the project to RPG Maker MV.
The reason for this is that I can much easier do what I'm trying to do with this program now that it has updated so much, has mouse support and a large amount of very powerful plugins. Stay tuned for the download to the new game.

I had pretty much quit on this project that I started in 2011 as I found it was too difficult for me to create a fun battle system using Adventure Game Studios. With RPG MV it's comparatively very easy to make a great leveling up, character development and fight system which is at the core of the QFG games. Previously RPG Maker wasn't able to recreate the point and click adventure world, but with the new plugins and mouse support it's very possible now. Exciting.

David 'ZcheK' Becket

                                               QFG: EE (RPG MAKER MV EDITION)