Thursday, 18 February 2016

I'm back

I have started converting the project to RPG Maker MV.
The reason for this is that I can much easier do what I'm trying to do with this program now that it has updated so much, has mouse support and a large amount of very powerful plugins. Stay tuned for the download to the new game.

I had pretty much quit on this project that I started in 2011 as I found it was too difficult for me to create a fun battle system using Adventure Game Studios. With RPG MV it's comparatively very easy to make a great leveling up, character development and fight system which is at the core of the QFG games. Previously RPG Maker wasn't able to recreate the point and click adventure world, but with the new plugins and mouse support it's very possible now. Exciting.

David 'ZcheK' Becket

                                               QFG: EE (RPG MAKER MV EDITION)

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