Sunday, 28 February 2016

Progress Log

Yesterday I was thinking about whether to include these scenes as walk-able areas.

The problem is the original game didn't include these scenes (except for one as the title), because there was an avalanche preventing the player from exiting Spielburg Valley. It was a great shame the 'Valley View' picture was never featured in the original game (although it's in the game's resources).

In the fan made Quest For Glory 4 1/2 the player could walk up through a snowy path to escape the valley. You went this way...

The were then a bunch of snowy scenes to explore which the game maker made from splicing together different Sierra scenes, I thought this was extremely cool and incorporated it into my original AGS version.

I also played around with using some tutorials and came up with this OKish post-avalanche version of the Valley View scene.

Spielburg Valley After Avalanche

But I'm not quite happy with it, I need more photo editing skills, perhaps I should move to using actual Photo Shop as well.

Today I spent a few hours trying to set up the Running, Looking, Hand and Mouth icons and make them work with my goblin, using the Mouse System EX plugin.

One of my expansion ideas is to give Intelligence points for every time the look at something of interest, and Speech points for trying to talk to people or even monsters. If the player has enough, they can even talk a goblin into being friends with them.

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