Sunday, 13 March 2016

0.003 Now Available

-Added some maps (not accessible yet)
-Started work on the font and message system (buggy right now)
-Changed some maps to 'nearest neighbor' stretching rather than 'best quality'. I think it's better if this game is clear pixels rather than blurry filter. Will fix all the maps soon.
-Time system is being adapted to the new message system and is now not as it should be.
-Fixed notification bug in Centaur farm.

Changes to plan:
I'm considering not having monsters follow you from screen to screen as:
1) It's very hard to do
2) My plan is to replace the generic forest with unique screens. Things like a squirrel with a cute quest, or a spiderweb with a special fight. I'm not a big fan of random monsters and I like a sense of permanence and completion in games, so I want to make it so there are a lot of monsters (like hundreds) but there is a limit to them, so that you can actually kill all the monsters in an area and make the valley completely safe if you want. I think each monster can hang out in their respective areas, I just need to make enough ways that the hero can interact with that monster within that space, such as objects to hide behind or block the monsters path while the hero pelts the monster with rocks.

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