Saturday, 12 March 2016

Trying to Recreate the Message box and Font

Fail...As you can see I haven't got it perfect yet. And it's not working with Mog's Time System Hud.

Using the following plugins:

Zerbu_Outline (to remove the default text outline):!AI-bIVftZvEmos8&v=TextFileEditor&id=18F586082025EE2F!479&cid=18F586082025EE2F&parId=18F586082025EE2F!478

 Galv's Message Background (To enable a custom message background)

Using SV.exe I found the message boxes are split up into many files, this was because they can expand to fit the text, I'm not sure how to do that yet, so I just print screened and edited a four line one using dosbox and

The Sierra font is a recreation by Goatmeal, who made the font in Quest For Infamy, he kindly made this available online:

It also changes the text on the notifications system which is cool.

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