Monday, 2 May 2016

Converting the game to a lower resolution

Updates may be slow for a while as I'm converting the game to a lower resolution and the correct aspect ratio.

It is running much smoother now, although the player has less complexity of movement due to using smaller maps, until I can get a pixel movement plugin working with my other plugins.

The battle looks a lot better now, with almost 60fps consistently. It was almost unplayable at times with the original resolution I was using (as you can see in the demo).

Given the original game is 320 x 200 it doesn't actually need a high resolution, except that RPG MAKER MV has a limitation of only using 48x48 tiles. But I'm working on a solution.

Another problem is the editor uses bi-linear filtering when you go to full screen which I think looks ugly, I'm working on getting it to use nearest neighbor scaling.

The converted maps are running very smoothly as my new resolution is similar to the original RPG Maker one, which it can handle very well.

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