Friday, 1 April 2016

Extension Plans

No modifications to the game today, just playing the original game, reading wikia and thinking of ideas for extention.
 Here's what I have so far (I will include this progressive file with the game from now on).
I welcome any ideas you have, I've already had some great suggestions on the Quest For More Glory Facebook page.

Adventurer's Shop

-Make all the items on displays purchasable
-Get Ogre Shield for giving to the Ogre (maybe have him knocked out rather than killable).
-Break into shop and steal at night
-Enter backroom with more sweet interesting stuff
-Make his book 'Quest For Glory: A Hero's Death' purchasable and readable.
-Whem you die this book will add your death ways to it. Try to complete the books with all the ways to die.
-If you meet Erana in Erana's peace she can then resusitate you from death, but it needs to cost something, this is how you fill the book in.
-Can use mouth on self for introductions QFG3 style.
-When you ask Kaspar about Brigands he says he doesn't like to talk about people behind their backs which implies
he is in cahoots with the brigands or afraid of even speaking about them.
-Maybe Bruno can be his regular customer (dodgy dealings), he is rich it says.
-Kaspar always wanted to be an adventurer, maybe the hero can take him on one.
-This game should have a path of darkness and one of light. With darkness you should be able to kill the whole
village and break the peace spell over it. With light you should be able to win the brigands back to good works. Choices are good.


-Convince Hilda's dad to let you take her on a date, or just wait a year as she said.
-Spell to change Hilda into a human with her consent (for the sake of a practical relationship)
-Buy the other vegetables she mentions as crafting ingredients, plant them in your own farm (purchasable from Heinrich to grow more and more.)
-Have a night guard patroling this area, sneak past him.
-Give Hilda flowers
-Give hilda healer's ring, fails healer quest but wins favour with her "What a beautiful ring, thank you'

Outside Pub

-Find the butcher and the baker who have gone fishing at the lake (and a candlestick maker??)
- Smash the pots RPG style to get some coins 'why are there coins in here?' say the hero
-Use the worshop to craft new weapons, get the key from the fishing craftsman

Beggar Alley

-Stealing from a beggar is not a heroic action but in this game you can be infamous.
-Achievement for giving to beggar
-Achievement 'Make a Beggar Rich' Give a lot of money to the beggar.
-Gain honor from giving to beggar.
-Can reinstate the Spielburg Cider Festival that Sam mentions
-Cut scene filling in the story. The king sending his guards to Baba Yaga (or could include once in a dialogue)

Extras to Include Somewhere
-Erasmus and Baba Yaga playing cards and cheating each other
-Baba Yaga is jealous of beauty, she could capture Hilde and Hero rescue her.
-Eventually could make this game into the complete quest for glory experinence with all 5 games (even VGA demake of 5)
-Honor Stat and ability to become paladin.
-Sam mentions the town glows at night due to the spell, this is why the town pallete seems quite light maybe
-Night Gaunts should be fightable, they wake you from your sleep and are very hard.
-Saurus's need to give something, like a skin at least

Healer's Hut Inside

-Ask for forgiveness for theft if you have enough speech stat.
-Tame the Pterry and help it grow to a full size one as seen in the South.
-Can use the 'don't kiss me' animations for wading thru something elsewhere

Healer's Outside

-Can hit the castle with high enough throwing. Get distant complain from guard and achievement.
Achievements can be cashed in for some unique prizes the Adventurer's guild.

Zara's Shop

-Date with Zara
-Get familiar summon spell
-Zara is half-human half-fairy, therefore it would make sense to have a quest involving her and the fairies.
Maybe the fairies don't accept her as their own and you can help Zara. (Although I read she is meant to be an emmisary to the fairies, could make this later).
-Zara needs some more backstory about her weird human/fairy parents.

Guild Hall

-Need some good German voice acting for Wolfgang

Outside Town

-Bruno's background image is missing in the original, I fixed that
-Bruno jokes that the theives guild is under one of the graves in the graveyard, cool if you could make a
kind of Oblivion Dark Brotherhood there (and vampires of course)

-Needs 'What does the Fox say?' reference.
-Needs explaination as to why Fox magically disapears when attacked, is is a spell of Erana to test your honor?
-Seems like Erana is a sort of God-like being in this game, she could decide which actions are honorable and reward them.
-Fox should come back to help you later (seems that they didn't really finish this part).


-Needs to be fightable but not killable. He should respect you afterwards and give you something else.
-He even offers you the alternative of bartering with blades clash
-He talks of mead, could offer this to him and drink it with him.
-Mead drinking contest (need a lot of strength)
-Get mead from Centaur
-Go thru Brauggi's cave back to his Southern homeland

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