Monday, 11 April 2016

RPG Maker Battle System

After spending a couple of frustrating days trying to make my own battle system I have gone back to just using the RPG Maker one.

Although it's more difficult to get it looking just like the original, It's highly customizable and very powerful with some plugins for creating a much more advanced battle system than the original. Using this system it's a lot easier to have multiple enemies at once and characters to help the hero, as well as things like status attacks, elemental attacks and incorporating the sorts things Final Fantasy games have. I'll probably go for turn based battles so the player can think about their move strategically. Stats such as max stamina, weapon use and strength etc will still increase in real time with actions, but I may also include an experience (or Glory) system on top of that.

Problems with the battle system were what hampered my project years ago when I was using Adventure Game Studio, now that I know I can make a point and click adventure with RPG Maker and it can have a working and fun battle system I think this project is finally finishable.

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