Thursday, 3 March 2011

Version 0.03

Now you can enter and exit Spielberg via the mountain pass and thru the back of town. Added some music. Couple of characters now have talking animations. can go round the back of castle and climb up wall. Also added myself for a joke and to see if it could be done.


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  1. Wow!! Awesome stuff mate! I see you've extended Spielburg into the mountains like the fan game QFG4.5 did. I run a QFG related Fan Games tribute site called Blake’s Sanctum & I did not know about your QFG fan project until now. Whether it’s complete, active or abandoned I’d love to pay tribute your hard work. :)

    Are you still working on the project?
    Does it have a website I can link fans to?
    Any more pictures or videos somewhere?
    Your demo link doesn't work :( Is there another place I can download it from?

    My QFG site: